Imagine a life where every morning you wake up by curling up on the couch with a cup of your favorite tea, the sun streaming in through the windows, your dog curled up next to you, kicking you in the leg while he sleeps. You are reading a new book at a really good part, and you are excited about the day. Then you go to work with amazing people at an amazing job that is perfect for you. You couldn't imagine a better career. You come home and take a walk with your dog down a sunny and warm path by a glistening lake, and watch the ducklings swim by, one by one, without a care in the world. Your eyes are open to little things like the way the long stems of grass on the bank wave and create a soothing pattern in the wind. Or the way the birds are intricately chirping to each other as you try to predict what they are going to say next. How the texture of an old and weathered picnic table has created its own life with moss and spiderwebs intricately thriving on its surface. The way the lake sends cool, fresh air towards you that instantly relaxes your whole body. How your dog picks up the smallest things, and you wonder what he hears on the other side of the water. The way fish periodically come up to the surface just to kiss the air. A little glimpse into their life until they disappear a split second later. People go by and you wonder what their lives are like. Are they seeing what you are seeing? Are they open to the colorful and textured life they could be living? Are you?

Follow my journey as we go through it all together.


Hi! I'm Kelsey Fons and I'm an artist. I create abstract paintings that inspire people to live a colorful life, whether that is traveling the world, following their career dreams, or enjoying the little moments that make up their day. If that is what you want, then you are in the right place. 

Life is not perfect, and that’s okay. Great memories are always around the corner if you are open to them. I will be your reminder to be ready for those moments, because I want to be too. 

I don’t have a profound story to tell you about finding my passion for art. It is really quite simple. I tried my hardest not to be an artist. You know, because you can't make a living making art, right? Until one day, when I decided that I just simply wanted to spend more of my time creating instead of pretty much anything else. I love inspiring and helping people live the lives they want to live through my art. Now I can't imagine any other life for myself.  

So where do you start? Well, something you should know about me right off the bat, is that I am type A, very organized, and I want very a clear system. 


This website will let you into my life just a little. Here you will find a selection of my professional portfolio, my shop, my blog, and of course all about me. If you have any questions about pieces in my portfolio, that may not be in the shop, let me know, and we can find a way to get you what you need. On my blog, you will find posts about my adventures traveling, lessons I have learned along the way, how I go about organizing my studio and business, and design inspiration. There is something for everyone, whether you want a deeper look into kfons, my experiences, inspiration on how to design your new space, or if you are an artist and want to see how I am going about making a life as a creative. You will get useful tips and inspiration. Sign up for my email newsletter to find out about posts, new items, and promotions all before anyone else. 

Then there are my social media accounts, and they are not all the same. Are you interested in a certain category, either a balanced life, inspiration, or a glimpse into my creative process? Well, here are my suggestions:



My Facebook Page. Want to find out about promotions, new items or see images of how to use my products? Than this is the platform to follow. It is all about the products, all about the business. 

My Instagram. Are you more into the creation? Want pictures of what inspires the work, in-progress works, life in the studio, and final pieces? Interested in the life and mind of an artist? This is the place for you. My Insta Story also will let you into my daily life, so be ready.

My Twitter. Do you not quite have your footing in life? Well, this page is all about trying to balance it all. Stay up to date with my struggles, success, other people who look like they have it figured out, etc. We got this!

My Pinterest. Need to be inspired? Well, here you go. This is my design style and how I envision my work used, as well as lifestyle inspiration. I have it all. 

Something to note: I have a shop on this website but you can also find my products on Etsy under kfonsFineArt.

Thank you for visiting my site! If you have any comments, questions, or just want to say hi, contact me with the form below. 

I can't wait to hear from you :)




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