Sydney, Australia: How to Travel to the Other Side of the World in Comfort

Sydney, Australia: How to Travel to the Other Side of the World in Comfort

Sometimes there are those moments in life that are super unreal. They don’t come along often, but when they do they are amazing. I found myself one night unexpectedly at the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, dancing with my sisters and mom, while colorful animations lit up the Opera House and city behind us. I don’t even think I could put that experience into words. I didn’t know the bridge walk was a thing until we got there that morning, and we also didn’t know what Vivid was or that it was happening until the sun started to set that night. Then we found ourselves there and decided to make the most of it. It was nerve-wracking, I lost my favorite earring, we were super embarrassed to be American, and lost each other for a second in the colorful illuminated garden the next day, but I will never forget how incredible it was. Not many moments like those happen, but they make life amazing. You want to be able to set yourself up to take advantage of these moments, but sometimes you have to travel super far in order to get to them. 

Sydney, Australia is a long way to travel from New England. I think I actually blocked it out of my memory for the most part. Here’s how to get to those amazing places and moments with ease and comfort, although spending thousands of dollars on first class is always an option... I wish...?

1. Ears and eyes.

Sydney, Australia: How to Travel to the Other Side of the World in Comfort

Music. Earphones. Invest in some noise canceling ones. Then you can either make a playlist with music or with calming sounds like crickets at night if you want to try and sleep the whole way. Cover your eyes. Bring something to cover your eyes with, either a sleep mask or another piece of clothing.

2. Layers.

For whatever reason, it is always cold on planes so layer up. It also takes some space out of your suitcase because you know there is a weight limit depending on your airline... 

3. Pillow.

Get a great neck pillow or something that works for you. This is the trickiest part. Finding what works. I have not been able to make a neck pillow comfortable yet, but the closest I have come is putting it upright behind my head with the opening on top, and also bringing another pillow to put under my lower back for support, then the pillow they give you behind my upper back to bring me forward and put my head back on the pillow. It's elaborate but definitely necessary. 

4. Food.

Sydney, Australia: How to Travel to the Other Side of the World in Comfort

Bring food and water. If you have food allergies don’t rely on the food they give you on the plane. I think I only ate an apple for 14 hours on the way there because of my gluten intolerance. I was not risking anything while stuck up in the sky. Be as prepared as you can and fill up your water bottle before you get on.

5. Yoga.

Pre-boarding yoga can do wonders. There is also a thing called chair yoga that you can do on the plane. Pay attention to your body. Moving it around and getting it all stretched out will help your muscles deal with the plane ride and heal afterward. 

6. Great night's sleep.

Get a great night's sleep before traveling. Make sure you prepare your body the best you can before you begin your journey. Also, plan to have to some time to adjust to the jet lag when you get there, maybe take it easy the first day unless a big adventure awaits!

7. Aroma therapy.

This one can be tricky. Don’t overdo it because some people have really sensitive senses of smell. During this trip, I put a couple drops of lavender on a cotton ball and used gauze to fasten it to my pillow next to my nose. The gauze had holes to let the scent through but it was small enough to make sure I didn't bother other people. Just be careful of customs with this one. It does count as a plant substance. 

8. Meditate.

Use the headspace app and do some of the basic free exercises to get your mind in the right space for traveling, and keep your body calm. Meditating can really do wonders for the mind and body. If you don't have experience with it, maybe try a couple of exercises before you start your journey. Then you will be relaxed and happy the whole way there.

Sydney, Australia: How to Travel to the Other Side of the World in Comfort

9. Bring things to do when you aren’t sleeping!!!

Books are great, especially if you can start it beforehand and be already invested and into it before you get on the plane. I love James Patterson books for this reason. There are so many, and with their short chapters, you get into them really quickly. Plan ahead with work and make sure you can do everything without the internet. Download movies, etc. There are also great connectors you can use when your traveling with family and friends so you can all watch a movie together.

10. Airborn and water the day/morning before.

Stay hydrated the day before, and take airborne before you leave. These can help your immune system stay on point as you are traveling. Bring anything you might need. and keep them in a place that is easily accessible Advil, gum, Dramamine, Tylenol PM, Pepto, etc. 

No matter what, listen to your body and take necessary steps to keep yourself healthy and able to make the most of these amazing experiences. But, don’t let anything get in your way of traveling, experiencing new perspectives, and making great memories. 

Happy traveling :)

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