Reorganize to get Reinspired

In the Studio: Reorganize to get Reinspired
In the Studio: Reorganize to get Reinspired

Spring has sprung! And that means it is time to do some Spring Cleaning!!! Yay!! I bet that is the one thing you look forward to all year round! Well, maybe not, but it can be super beneficial to tidy up, especially in the studio. Y'all know I love to organize, so for me, this is a little easier than it is for others, but I’m going to show you how I get the ball rolling to reorganize my space. The best part is that this can lead to some serious inspiration if you actually take the time to do it. We tend to get bogged down in the same routine with the same things surrounding us, so mixing it up can really get the creative juices flowing!

1. Tidy up.

First things first put on some tunes and turn it up. Then dance around and tidy up what you do have around. I am a firm supporter of Dance Cleaning. Put your brushes away; compile your paint into one area, etc. Start with a clean slate, being able to see everything you have/need/are using now. This is also the hardest part, being the first step; you have to get over that hurdle of starting the project. Even though this might not be the most time-consuming step, it will definitely get the ball rolling. 

2. Slim down.

In the Studio: Reorganize to get Reinspired

Now go through what you have and get rid of things that aren’t necessary. Ya, I know this is kind of a throwaway point because with a creative mind we never want to get rid of anything we might be able to use in a cool way later. If you can get rid of stuff, then great! If not, at least think about it. 

3. Separate into sections.

If you have a lot going on all the time, like I do, you will need to separate your space into different sections, especially if one part of your process can’t get paint on it… I have a printing space, shipping space with all the boxes and materials, painting space, and framing space. I also work out of a foyer of an apartment, so no space is too small to get organized!

4. Think about function.

This is probably the most important step since it is what is going to make things feel organized and stay that way if you do it right. It is also the hardest one to do right the first time. Maybe you did all this last year and it is unorganized and a complete mess again now. That is kind of how it works, you have to keep learning and adjusting to your changing process. Think about how you use everything in your space. If you are right handed you might want to have the materials to the right of your workspace. If you use some things a lot, leave it on the table top, or in a small container that is easy to reach. Then if there are some you might use, put them in the first drawer under your table, and ones you never really need in the bottom. Make it as intuitive as possible. You don’t want to get bogged down in a creative moment by trying to find something. 

5. Get creative with solutions.

In the Studio: Reorganize to get Reinspired

I recently saw a post on hanging flat pieces on the back of a door to store them (which I can't find now!). I absolutely need to do that. I also use crates as shelves by stacking them and store extra shipping materials in the boxes that were damaged on the way to me. There are some great hacks out there about organizing your studio. Not all of them work for me, but you will definitely find some out there that work for you and can boost your creativity. 

6. Get some gadgets to help you.

Sometimes you need to actually go and buy something (GASP!) that will help you organize and be more productive. Maybe you need one of those rolly cart things if you have a big space you are always moving around in, or a bulletin board to pin inspiration or to clip paint tubes on. There are also a lot of items out there designed to help you stay organized.

7. Surround yourself with inspiration.

In the Studio: Reorganize to get Reinspired

Spend some time creating your inspiration wall. Go to Pintrest, Instagram, and tumbler to find some artists that inspire you. Print them out, cut them out, and stick them to one side of your space. Just having them up there will inspire you to expand your skills more. TIP: always write the name of the artist under the image, so you can find more pieces by them later.

8. Surround yourself with current work.

If you are in the middle of a body of work and want to continue to have the same feel as other pieces, stick some of the others up on the wall immediately around your workspace. This will also subconsciously allow you to create more pieces that have similar elements and feel as the others. (It also makes for a good backdrop for pictures).

9. Set yourself up for success.

Also, think about what you have to do when you aren’t creating, and plan ahead so you don’t have to spend time on it later. For example, check out this post on organizing your information as an introduction to organizing everything on your computer. I also have five of each shipping box size prepped and ready to go so I don’t have to panic the night before if I get a large order. For photographs, I learned this great trick from Happy Grey Lucky about how to take photographs from different angles around your studio. I have one set up above my workspace, behind me, and to the left and right. Though, mine always come out blurry because my phone camera isn’t great anymore. It’s time for a new one! 

10. Do it again. 

Then do it all again when it gets all messed up tomorrow!!!! I know you all live for this. Real talk though, you will have to do it again eventually, because as you grow, your process will grow, and what works today isn’t going to work next year. That is ok! 

All of this will give you inspiration. Changing up your perspective always leads to new experiences and realizations, which is great for a creative mind. Happy cleaning and creating!

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Kelsey Fons

Owner and CEO, kfons