How to Turn Around a Bad Luck Day

Life Lessons: How to Turn Around a Bad Luck Day
Life Lessons: How to Turn Around a Bad Luck Day

Within half an hour of working, I had thrown 3 separate items across the room by accident, spilled my juice on my pants, and had 2 awkward interactions with people. Talk about a bad start to the day! I don’t know about you, but when I start having a bad day, it’s usually a disaster for the entire rest of the day. I think 85% of that is my mindset and my oversensitivity once it starts going awry, but still. A bad start can ruin your day in other ways, too. You’re not as productive, you are less likely to reach your goals, more likely to be grumpy and make other people around you grumpy! Its contagious! So… how do you turn it around?

1. Notice a bad start early.

Is something off? Do you find yourself saying, “what is happening?” out loud to no one? Just can’t figure out the rotating door you have to go through to get into work this morning? Well, you are just having a rough start. Switch your mindset to taking the power away from those thoughts. It is just a bad start, no time like right now to turn it around. 

2. Take a breath.

Life Lessons: How to Turn Around a Bad Luck Day

Take a second to breathe and get your intentions set. What are your goals for today? How will you reach them? What do you want your mood to be? Get your head back on straight to keep it from spiraling into more negativity. Write it out. Just writing this blog actually got my mind in the right place to turn my day around. Nothing bad/crazy has happened since that first half hour! I think we are onto something…

3. Rearrange your schedule.

Do things that give you joy and energy. You know, those tasks where time just flies. As much as you can, do those today. It will make the day go by faster, and it will help get your mood better too.

4. Accept that things might go wonky.

I am not sure if the rule of threes in relation to bad luck is really true, but it still might work out that way. If you switch your mood and mindset to come from a place of strength and be able to take it on, it will be a lot easier if other things do end up going wrong. So if you have a bad start, realize it, and just get ready, like you are going into battle with this day. And you will win! 

5. Treat yourself.

Life Lessons: How to Turn Around a Bad Luck Day

Use today to go get that breakfast that you normally only get on Fridays. You deserve it for showing up today. Sometimes it is hard.

6. Rely on people you care about.

Text your mom today, see what's up. Check in with your sister in South Africa, bother your boyfriend at work. Bring your support circle a little closer and you will be a laughing situation instead of frustrated at everything. 

7. Don’t react.

Acknowledge that your mood is affected. If you get pissed off, take a minute to yourself, or decide to respond tomorrow. You are probably blowing it out of proportion, and if you aren't, then you will probably handle/respond to it badly anyway so it is best to wait until tomorrow.

8. Workout.

Now you might be saying I lost you here, these days you are the least likely to work out because you are unmotivated and cranky! Well working out releases endorphins that greatly improve your mood. You can't really argue with those benefits... so why not give that a try? 

Life Lessons: How to Turn Around a Bad Luck Day

9. Eat a little healthier.

Go for veggies for sustained energy in this trying time. No sugar people! Okay, maybe just an extra chocolate because you need the pick me up.... but just one! (I say as I eat 4)

10. Dance it out.

Take a piece of advice from Grey's Anatomy and let loose a little. It is super therapeutic for pretty much any situation. I definitely stand by that statement.  

Easy enough? Well, hopefully it helps a little the next time you have a rough start. :)

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Kelsey Fons

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