How to Find the Energy to get Stuff Done

kfons - How to Find the Energy to Get Stuff Done
kfons - How to Find the Energy to Get Stuff Done

I don’t know what it is, but I feel like I have such low energy lately. I’ve been getting enough sleep, working out, eating relatively well. So what is going on!? Maybe it’s the grey weather, or that life becomes a little mundane in the real world. I have had to really tap into my inner energy source to get things done lately, and I am definitely not being as productive as I usually am. Sometimes, though, I just have to hunker down and get stuff done, and I am definitely guilty of pushing things off that I hate doing. Then they pile up and pile up and here I am, with no energy, having to get this big list of stuff done that I hate doing.

So here is my list of ways you can find more energy to get that one thing done. And I am talking one thing, just thinking about two is making my eyes droopy… 

1. Pencil it in.

Make sure it is on your schedule, at a time of day when you are most likely to do it without distractions! I work best when it is either really sunny and nice, or when it is dark. I also get more done in the mornings and late at night, but afternoons are the worst! I also tend to schedule things around when my boyfriend will be out of the house. I don't need his video games distracting me, or having to think of what works for him when I am running around trying to clean the house or workout. Plus, knowing it is on my list of things to do when I first start the day makes it not as bad to actually do it later. It's on the list, gota do it. 

kfons - How to Find the Energy to Get Stuff Done

2. Where are you most productive?

In your bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, out in a park somewhere, at a cafe? Know yourself, and set everything you need up there beforehand if you can, or in your bag if you are going out. I tend to get my bag packed the night before if I am going somewhere, or getting the house picked up before I start working so there is nothing distracting around. I'm weird though, I tend to procrastinate by doing other things on my list I just hate less. Like cleaning the house. You also won’t be able to tell yourself later that it is too much work to get started, or there is something else that is more pressing it you get it all ready beforehand. 

3. Fuel yourself!

I’m talking about veggies. Unfortunately. They will definitely give you more prolonged energy. That cookie won't. It will actually make you feel more tired later. So get a snack before you start, or have one while you get started. That green juice never looked so good!

4. Workout beforehand.

I know this seems like opposite thinking. Why would you workout and expend so much energy right before you need it to get stuff done? Working out actually released endorphins that give you even more energy. It's called a high sometimes because it actually gets you hopped up and ready to tackle more things! so give it a try and get ready to barrel through that to-do list. 

5. Disguise it.

kfons - How to Find the Energy to Get Stuff Done

Sandwich tasks between things that do give you life. Alternate between them. I'll start with something I love. Like organizing, then do part of what I hate, then back to organizing, and back to what I hate. Before I know it I am done. It is all about changing your mindset around what you don't like doing. This makes it just a task on your list instead of you trying to sit down and just do that one thing. It is not as big of a deal. Look at your to-do list and be super strategic with breaking it up into smaller tasks and rearranging them for prolonged energy. 

6. Hold yourself accountable.

Now tell people about it. If you have friends that nag you, even better. They will be like, "have you done that yet?" And hopefully, you can say "yup!" instead of "...uhhh no?". It also makes it more real in your mind if you say it out loud. 

7. Make it a group activity.

People and friends around you will also give you more energy to get stuff done, but choose the right friends. If they can mimic your focus and energy, then they will be great to have there to bounce off of, but if they are just going to distract you, then it’s not worth it. We all know which friends are which...

8. Set the mood.

With lighting, a cup of coffee, fuzzy socks, whatever puts your mind at ease and info focus mode. Sed the mood in your mind as well by thinking of the big picture. Daydreaming about what you want the future to be like, or what you will feel like when you actually finish this project will propel you forward. 

9. Turn up the tunes.

kfons - How to Find the Energy to Get Stuff Done

Music can be a great way to get in the zone! Put on that playlist that gives you life, and bop away to the music. Before you know it, your work will be done. Know which tunes will pump you up and which will put you to sleep though... fine line.

10. Bribe yourself.

Yup, after you get it done you can eat a cookie! Or watch tv, or do something you really love to do. You earned it! 

Some of us are better at procrastinating than others (yes I said it correctly… I suck at procrastinating and wish I was better at it so I could enjoy life more…) But hopefully, when it really comes down to it, you can get stuff you need to get done checked off the list! Now get back to work! ;)

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