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Life Lessons: How to Sleep Better
Life Lessons: How to Sleep Better

I'll let you in on a little secret, I get so tired and cranky all the time, it’s crazy. Taking care of myself sometimes dips a little lower than I would like on my priority list, and it is so important to keep your diet, your health, your sleep, your hygiene, etc. in mind. I know a lot of bloggers write this post, but for me, I go through some stages that last a couple months where I have really bad sleep. Most of it has to do with stress, but there are other factors, as well. I wanted to write this blog as a reminder to myself to check back in every once and a while and make sure that my body and mind are as healthy as they can be, so that I can conquer the rest of my life with energy!

So, with that, here are my tips for getting a better night's sleep. 

1. Eat better.

Life Lessons: How to Sleep Better

Diet effects how you sleep, unfortunately. Sorry. Guys, veggies are just good for you. We know it, but it is hard to not eat chocolate. Trust me, so hard to not eat all the chocolate all the time. But, try eating a little better and having some blueberries for a snack right before bed instead of cookies... Just try.

2. Drink more water.

At the right times. I don’t drink water after 10 pm, because my body isn’t used to drinking water, so I have to pee every like, half an hour. But, being hydrated will give you a better sleep, as well. I don’t know about you, but I hate waking up with my mouth all dry, feeling like I am getting sick when I just slept for 8 hours!

3. Take your vitamins.

Speaking of getting sick, take your vitamins. Have vitamin C around for those exact mornings, because there is no worse sleep, then sleeping with a cold. 

4. Work it out.

Sorry about this one too, but working out during the day helps you get a better sleep at night, just don’t work out too close to when you are supposed to sleep. Your mind will get all energized off of that workout and you won’t be able to sleep. But get your body feeling like it did something today! Tire it out a little and your bed will feel amazing by the time you get into it!

Life Lessons: How to Sleep Better

5. Meditate.

Headspace is a great app to use to meditate if you really need to quiet your racing mind. Yoga is also great before bed to clear your mind. The point is kind of like counting sheep. Quieting all those other racing thoughts that will keep you up. If counting sheep works, then great! If it doesn't then find something that does. 

6. Find a routine.

Train your brain to know when it is bedtime by having the same routine every night at the same time. You walk the dogs, have a cup of blueberries, change into your PJs, brush your teeth, meditate, and finally, fall asleep. If you do it all at the same time for long enough, once you taste those blueberries your brain will be like, “time to sleep!”

7. Find your sheep story.

Instead of counting sheep, if I have a hard time falling asleep I create a story in my head. Usually, it is something dramatic, because I never have drama in my life, so I won’t get worked up about it, but it is entertaining enough to hold my interest until I fall asleep, having it become a dream. Find what makes you focus, whether it is walking down a long, blank, hallway, creating a story in your mind, or just jumping from one random topic to another. Like trains are long, they have a caboose, that has a railing, like a porch, and porches are great for porch swings, like that one at my childhood friend’s Victorian house, they dressed crazy in the Victorian era, it would be so hot with those clothes, unless you lived in Siberia, like a Siberian tiger… Get the point?

8. Give your self a little extra time to wake up.

Right when you wake up, talk it out, or write it out. Your dreams, that is. Dreams are crazy, and a lot of people can’t remember them. But the thing is, you can actually remember them if you train your brain too. Right when you wake up you should be able to recall some details of your last dream, and with time and practice, you will be able to remember more and more in more and more detail. They are so weird, and great sources of inspiration. 

9. Don’t stress.

Life Lessons: How to Sleep Better

Wow, what a simple two words with huge implications. For me, this is almost impossible. Yes, during vacation last year I think I was actually not stressed at all for almost an entire day. I know, crazy! Just be mindful about your stress and what you do to deal with it. Do you take a minute to relax your muscles and make sure your head is on right, do you hug your dogs when you get home, watch your favorite tv show on the weekends with a glass of wine? Make sure you have that relief, and are mindful of your stress. 

10. Make it special.

Need a new mattress? Maybe a soft one, or a hard one, a memory foam pillow, a nice soft blanket? Maybe you need to train the dogs to sleep in their own beds. Either way, this place should be an oasis. That means NO, under any circumstances, eating, or working, in the bed. Even try not to talk about work in the bed. Train your mind to know that this place is where you relax, and before you know it, the minute you lie down, your will just know it should be relaxed. 

The point is that you are making sure you are checking in with your body. Adjust your routine to make sure you are as healthy as possible. Without your body operating at 100%, how can the other areas of your life also be that good?

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Kelsey Fons

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