To Work, or Not to Work?

In the Studio: To Work, or Not to Work?
In the Studio: To Work, or Not to Work?

We have to work, unfortunately, in life. Either going to your actual job, doing chores, taking care of yourself, etc. So, you either procrastinate all the time or completely stress yourself out trying to get everything done in one day. I am sure there are some people right there in the middle that get the right amount of things done every day, but that is super hard to do. I have to say I am the one who is stressed all the time running around trying to get everything I will ever need to do during the rest of my entire life done in one day. But either way, it is always tough to know whether you should try and get some work done, or not.

First things first, you have to get your priorities straight, because it is a struggle. There are times that I forget to eat because of all the goals I am trying to reach! Then you have to think through some scenarios in your head and make sure your priorities are super clear. 

So, here we go.

1. Write it out.

In the Studio: To Work, or Not to Work?

Write down all of the different factors of your life, like chores, work, family, taking care of yourself, making money, relaxing, your faith, your hobby, etc. Then number them where 1 is your highest priority. This can also change based on the circumstances, like the weekend.  

2. Be honest.

I am assuming that family and taking care of yourself (like sleeping, eating, drinking water) should be the highest aspects of your life on your list. But, be honest with yourself about what is important, even if you think it shouldn’t be, like your appearance, but also check in with reality a little bit and realize what should be important too.

3. Think it through.

Now that you have a general list, think about different times in your life. On vacation is your highest priority still working out? Maybe it’s changed to family time and relaxing at the top. For me, working out is a high priority on the weekdays, but on the weekends, its one of the lowest. 

4. What are the circumstances?

Sometimes, you shouldn’t work because something is different about the day. Obviously, if something is going on that is a higher priority, you should do that for a little and then work, but if it is a really nice day, or if it’s your birthday, maybe you should make an exception. You have to live and be happy too.

5. Don’t take advantage.

Yes, if your family is your #1 priority, they aren’t just going to vanish whenever you need to get something done. Don’t take advantage of that fact and avoid getting to work because you have been hanging out with them all day, and they are still your #1. Go to your daughter’s soccer game or your son’s basketball game, but when you get home, have them entertain themselves, or have your significant other look after them while you take a couple hours to work. Them being your #1 priority just means that they come first, not that they are the only thing that is important today.

In the Studio: To Work, or Not to Work?

6. Are you just being lazy?

Stop making excuses. It is completely fine if you are just being lazy, but if you aren’t honest with yourself about that than this will never work. You will always be able to find an excuse. Take a short mindful break, or the night off if you have been getting stuff done all day, or just get over it and get to work. Sorry, but it has to be said. 

7. Take a mindful break.

A MINDFUL break. That means you are getting yourself ready to work, not taking a break for the rest of the day. Eat, take a minute to meditate, set up your space, talk to your best friend on the phone for a couple minutes, with the expectation that you will get to work in 10 minutes. Change your mindset from dreading it, to just simply getting it done, or if you really want to get better at it, change it to a fun activity in your mind. It is powerful, and you can convince yourself of whatever you want if you try hard enough.

8. For those Procrastinators.

If you are a procrastinator, try breaking down bigger tasks into more manageable parts, and spread them out over a longer period of time. Even alternate between something you like to do, and a little of something you don’t. Also, get it done as early as possible, it will only become more stressful and you will have less time to do it if you wait! For more tips check out this blog!

9. For those Stressors.

If you are a get-everything-done-stressful person, make sure you are eating right, to fuel yourself through the entire day, so you don’t crash halfway through and get super cranky (… not from personal experience…), drink enough water, and try to focus on your muscles, including your posture. Where do you hold stress? Check back in and try to relax them throughout the day. If you need to, set reminders on your phone to relax and take deep breaths for 30 seconds. Reset your body and mind. 

In the Studio: To Work, or Not to Work?

10. It’s all a balance.

This priority order that you have in your mind won’t stay the same forever. It might change next week, or tomorrow even. Make sure you check back in with yourself and make sure you are still on the same page. 

So, are you ready to get to work? Or not? It is a beautiful day out today, so after I get this done, it is break time to go hang out outside and watch the dogs! What a wonderful life. 

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Kelsey Fons

Owner and CEO, kfons