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Finding Inspiration
How to Find the Energy to get Stuff Done

I don’t know what it is, but I feel like I have such low energy lately. I’ve been getting enough sleep, working out, eating relatively well. So what is going on!? Maybe it’s the grey weather, or that life becomes a little mundane in the real world. I have had to really tap into my inner energy source to get things done lately, and I am definitely not being as productive as I usually am.

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How to Turn Around a Bad Luck Day

Within half an hour of working, I had thrown 3 separate items across the room by accident, spilled my juice on my pants, and had 2 awkward interactions with people. Talk about a bad start to the day! I don’t know about you, but when I start having a bad day, it’s usually a disaster for the entire rest of the day.

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Why I Have Failed a Couple of Times Already

I've wanted to start my art business for years now. I have always been drawn to it. I am also a planner and organizer, which helps a lot with the business side of things. Some days, I actually like organizing my files and preparing shipping boxes more than getting out my brushes and actually creating. I have a comprehensive spreadsheet, a great website, the drive, the time management skills, everything I need to be successful. Or so I thought...

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How to Balance Your Confidence and Ego

We all want to be confident, but we also don't want to be those high-level managers who let their ego get in the way of working with people or making a decision that would benefit the company. Although having an ego and confidence is often synonymous, having a huge ego can really harm you. Having the confidence to support everyone else on your team, will only make your company and you succeed in the end...

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How to be an Extroverted Introvert

Merry Christmas!

As you might have guessed from earlier posts, I am more of an introvert. I like hanging out at home rather than going out and talking to myself rather than other people most of the time. So when I found myself at a wedding, where I knew a couple people, but wasn't sitting with them, I had a quick moment where my brain switched into some sort of survival mode. It must have worked because my boyfriend came up to me afterward and said, "look at you running around like a socialite!" A socialite!? I have never been called that before...

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