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Talking about and Viewing Art: for Dummies

Every time I say I am an artist, people say "that’s cool," but really don’t know what to do with that information. I think there is a common misconception that art/artists are pretentious and that you have to know the secrets of the art world in order to talk about it. That is because art is so subjective. The more confident, louder, and more pretentious people are going to have their voice heard more, and that opinion becomes what the piece is about. Yes, some people can be like that, and I wouldn’t suggest getting a doctorate in art history if you don’t know how to talk about art within the industry’s larger context and history, but in general, art is really all about the feeling. In art school, they do have concrete parameters that they judge art on, because you do need a grade, but you don’t need to know any of this in order to talk about and enjoy art...

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