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Design Mash: Bonus Space
Design Mash: City Office

This is probably my favorite room ever! I am so much more productive in a dark space, but I still want to feel like I am in a welcoming place. The dark blue and rich wood tones were the basis of this design, mixing cool and warm, bold colors and textures. I also find myself working on the floor most of the time, so I opted for more floor space and less furniture. The layered vintage rugs and tons of pillows and blankets are a must for always working on the ground! This space is perfect for that busy, focused, creative, big city executive...

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Design Mash: Calming Living Room

This living room is in a house on acres of land. Maybe a farmhouse or an idyllic spot in the forest. Either way, it is an oasis to spend cozy nights in with family or hang out with friends during the day. I imagine french doors opening up to a giant wrap-around porch and fresh summer air. That warm sunny weather would be great right about now...

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